Project Capture

Project Capture gives you the tools you need to document, photograph, video, and track UFOs all around the world. It caters to witnesses of extraterrestrials and UFO’s who want to share their REAL and unique sightings with other like-minded individuals. Through the convenience of the iPad or iPhone, users can capture, track, and share actual photos and videos of their sightings, describe and identify the object or objects witnessed, and view recent reports and latest UFO news.

Project Capture hired Rocksauce Studios to build out the application and I was the lead developer on the project. It was written in native Objective-C and powered by a SaaS backend which I also implemented and architected. I was also responsible for writing the cloud code (written in JavaScript) that would manage sending out push notifications when certain triggers were tripped. For instance, it could send out push notifications to all users within 50 miles of a UFO sighting at the time the sighting was reported.



After the folders finish animating in on the home screen, you have direct access to all the recent sightings in your area and worldwide along with the most recent UFO news.



Project Capture lets you quickly capture UFO sightings without having to leave the application. The bay doors animate open, revealing the camera behind. Once you have filmed a video, you have the option to go back and choose stills from the video to accompany the report.



View sightings in a map view and filter by date range. Hit the play button to animate through the date range and watch the corresponding sightings populate along the way. Tap a UFO to get some quick info on the sighting, tap it again to see the entire listing.



Sighting details include both video and stills, a written account, and social features for commenting and sharing. Project Capture is available on the iTunes AppStore in both a free and paid version (no ads).