Randid is a unique social network where you send and receive random photos. For every “Randid” you send, you get one in return. You’ll never know what your going to get or who it will be from and that is what makes Randid so exciting. Favorite any received photo to share it with your following.

Randid hired Rocksauce Studios to build their social network and I was one of the supporting developers on the project. I was responsible for integrating the Google Analytics iOS library, creating the full screen image view classes, Facebook signup and integration, fixing various bugs, and optimizing network performance and load times. I was also responsible for writing server side cloud code (JavaScript) to manage manipulation of photos in response to various client side functions.



The Randid home screen highlights all the images your friends have favorited and is your window into the community’s activity. Tap the heart to “favorite” a photo and share it with your following. Tap the photo to view the full screen version, comment on it, or flag it.



Your profile screen highlights the Randids you have received. It also shows all the images you have sent and the ones you have favorited. From this screen you can access your profile settings and your follower/following lists.


The search feature is the main way to find friends within the application. When searching, Randid will automatically break the results up into categories: who your following, who is following you, and who in the results is also your friend on Facebook.