oYeah! is a unique take on reminders. It specializes in location based reminders letting you set them up like “remind me to take out the garbage next time I’m at home” or “tomorrow at 3pm if I am at work, remind me to check my email”. It integrates with Foursquare letting you tap into nearby locations to make creating a geo-located reminder even easier. oYeah! uses geo-fencing to create “hotspots” that will trigger your reminder when you enter/leave them if the proper conditions are met.

oYeah! hired Rocksauce Studios to create their innovative reminders application and I was the lead developer on the project. It was written in native Objective-C and used native geo-fencing to manage the location based reminders. Local database on the device handled reminder storage. The application relied heavily on animation and the nature of the animations were the single biggest challenge of the project. Another challenge we faced was the fact that iOS only allows 20 geo-fences to be active at the same time. We worked around this by maintaining the 20 “closest” geofences to your current location and as you moved the fences that were active/inactive moved with you.



The above GIF shows what a simple reminder creation task flow looks like in oYeah!. You can see the cascade animations as each step falls into place in synchronicity.



Reminders can be tied to your current location or to a location you manually set up by entering an address. oYeah! also makes use of the Foursquare API to pull back nearby locations for your convenience. When you manually enter an address, oYeah! will remember it for next time. It also tracks your most used locations and creates animatable quick select boxes for them that will appear in the main workflow.



oYeah! also lets you base reminders on other, already existing, ones. In the screenshot above you can see that the user is creating a reminder to “Give the suit to Jen” but that reminder will only trigger after the user has completed the reminder “pick up suit from the cleaners”. The user can go one step further and attach location which will result in “if I am at Jen’s place and I have already picked up the suit, remind me to give it to her”.



oYeah! also gave the user customizability options including the ability to customize the color scheme of the application to fit his/her liking.