Experience Kubota


Kubota is one of the largest tractor and heavy equipment manufacturer’s in the world, with revenues of 14.7 billion in 2014. Kubota hired Rocksauce to build an iOS and Android application to accommodate attendees of their annual National Dealer Sales Meet. I was one of the lead developers for v1 of the iOS application and was also a supporting developer for version 2.

Version one of the application let attendees access an interactive map of the conference room floor at the event, see all events and their times, access information about the surrounding area and points of interest, and explore new Kubota products.



Attendees could access the map of the conference floor and see what booths were on display. Tapping the pin for a booth displayed the booth’s name and tapping again would take you to a detailed view of the vendor’s display.



The agenda was also an important aspect of the application. It let users see all the events at the conference and gave them the ability to highlight the events they planned on attending to create a more tailored personal schedule. The application also had built in reminder notifications for the events of your agenda.



The Kubota app has a plethora of other features as well, including the ability to scan attendees QR codes which will automatically add that individual’s contact information to your in-app contact list. You can also take notes and attach them to events as well as check-in to events and take post-event surveys.



Version two of the Kubota application gave special access to Kubota sales people. The could access their client’s information , sales statistics, regional and national sales leaderboards and host of other sales-specific tool and information.