IOL Match

IOL Match is a training tool that Alcon hired Rocksauce Studios to develop. The project was built in HTML/JS/CSS within the PhoneGap framework so it could be compiled into a native iPad application as well as used on the web. I was the lead developer on the project.

The application is a game that allows doctors to examine cases for various fictitious individuals and then classify the type of IOL lens would be best suited to the mock-patients needs. There is a timer that tracks how long each round takes you and your final score is dependent on the number of correct classifications in conjunction with your total time. There is a local leaderboard and a post-assessment survey.



Doctors can tap a patient’s picture to see their corresponding card and information. They then drag the card to the lens they feel will best benefit the patient. Once all selections are made, they can confirm and see their score for the round.





After all rounds have been completed, the user’s final score is shown. They are prompted to enter their name so their score can be saved on the local leaderboard.