Rain Wilson (Dwight Schrute from the hit TV show, “The Office”) hired me to build an iOS application for his wildly popular website and youtube channel: SoulPancake. I was the sole developer on the iOS side of the project. After launching, it peaked as the 74th top ranked social network application in the US (App Annie) and within a few weeks it had registered over 20k active users, more than 200k sessions, and nearly 4 million page views.


“Jason Bender did a great job heading up the work on the SoulPancake iPhone app. He was conscientious and the app itself turned out gorgeous and user-friendly.”

– Rainn Wilson

“Over three years after its launch on the Web through the initiative of Rainn Wilson of ‘The Office’ fame, SoulPancake has finally made its way to iOS. And the result is quite yummy, if I do say so myself.”

– Aldrin Calimlim of




After you login, you are presented with the main feed. Posts in the feed are color coded to represent their corresponding category: question, quote, video, link, or photo.



Once a conversation is started, users can tap into the main post and open up a dialogue by responding to the author or by replying directly to a comment made in response to the post.



I completed the project in September 2012 and helped maintain the application in the months following its launch. However, eventually the company stopped putting resources into the application and I was no longer tasked with maintaining it. It was removed from the app store two years later.


Rainn Wilson and I at the Soulpancake headquarters.