Dosh is a free app that finds you cash when you shop, dine out and book travel from over 100,000 merchants and brands. Dosh securely connects with your credit and debit cards to find offers wherever you spend money. Rocksauce was hired to build the frontend as well offer support and input on the architecture of the backend. I was the lead on the project and my duties involved overseeing 10+ developers, coding portions of the iOS application, and acting as a development liaison between the backend team, DOSH, and Rocksauce.

“We could not have done any of this without you and your commitment, which is above and beyond exemplary.”



As users make purchases and accumulate cash back, they can direct deposit their earnings into their bank account, send it to paypal, or use it to top up their pre-paid mobile phones. Push notifications alert the user whenever they have earned cash back from a recent purchase.

“The meeting this afternoon was exactly what we needed thanks to your leadership and work leading up to it – I wish we had a dozen of you. Thank you!”

– DOSH SVP, Operations


This application is pending release and is expected to launch in May 2017

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