PersonalFX is a photo editing and sharing application that I built on my own in 2012. I was responsible for 100% of the development, UX, and UI. It allows a user to import or take a photo, apply various special effects to the image, and then share it out to all of their favorite networks. When you first launch the application you get a home screen that asks you to choose or take a photo to get started. The background for this screen is chosen dynamically at runtime so you could see a different background each time you launch the application.



Once an image is chosen and added to the stage, you have a number of different editing tools above and below the image.



Browse a live preview of filters and tap one to apply it. Do the same for overlays and borders.





You can add text layers to your image as well. You can choose a font and a color for the text, then use the arrow and rotate tools on the top bar to position the text where you best see fit.





Once you have edited the image to your liking, export it or share it with your friends.




Lastly, there was a robust “Help” section to offer useful hints and tips for the best ways to use each of the tools.