Called to Duty: Ghosts Vault

Called to Duty: Ghosts Vault was an app I created and released on my own. Its an interactive companion meant to give gamers a leg up on the competition in the latest Call of Duty title.

When you launch the application there is an animated entry screen that has a realistic smoke effect. The same effect is also used in the side menu and can be seen in the demonstration video below:




The main feature of the application lets users select any weapon from the game and see a detailed breakdown of the weapon’s statistics in graph and numerical form. Three graphs display weapon range and drop off time and are built dynamically using an embedded SQLite database.





The application also lets users compare any two weapons in the game side-by-side if they are on the fence about which one fits their play-style best.



Another feature of the application lets in-game clans advertise that they are recruiting. You can list your clan and other individuals who may be looking for a clan can get your information and other relative details.



The application is also a news source for game news and it also has a video feed.