Join WeGo

Join Wego was an application I helped complete for EBBrands on behalf of Rocksauce Studios. It is a fitness application that interfaces with 5 different wearable devices. Three of the devices are BLE and the other two sync via the phones audio jack. Each of the devices have different levels of tracking capabilities.

The project was closely integrated with the popular MapMyFitness platform. User’s could login using their existing MapMyFitness account and data from the Wego application would also be saved to the user’s corresponding MapMyFitness account.



User’s have a dashboard where they can see today’s breakdown. An interactive graph at the top of the view lets the user quickly navigate backwards in time to see past trends.



User’s also have access to an activity log to see a quick snapshot of their recent activity without having to navigate back and forth via the graph. They can also manually log an activity if they were not wearing their device at the time.



The user can set his/her goals in her profile and then he/she can track their progress in relation to their personal goals.