Contributing Writer, CODE Magazine

I was commissioned by CODE Magazine, a leading independent publication for developers, to write an article for their Sept/Oct 2014 issue. After getting rave reviews from their editor, I was asked to write again for their Mar/Apr 2015 issue and that article made the front cover of the issue. After that I was asked to be a regular contributor to each issue released. A few of the early articles are listed below. You can find more recent articles here.


“This was a very squeaky clean article. I’m very impressed.”

- Editor, CODE Magazine



The first article I wrote was titled “The Parse Revolution: Why Complex Infrastructure for App Storage is a Thing of the Past”. You can access the online version of the article by clicking on the title in the previous sentence.

The article was a detailed review of the cloud BaaS (Backend as a Service) platform called Parse. It covered the logistics of the service as well as an introduction to how to use it, including code samples and a downloadable sample project.



My second article was titled “Next-Level iOS Development with Animations and Pop” and you can read it by clicking its title in this sentence. The article was featured on the magazine’s front cover as can be seen in the image above.

This article explored an animation framework called Pop. It went through various code samples demonstrating how you can use the framework to create “next-level” animation. It was accompanied with a sample project to download.