MetaSauce is a diagnostic tool that I built on my own and then sold to Rocksauce Studios. Below demonstrates the state of the application at the time of sale. It is currently being redesigned.

As a developer I often, after going through the cumbersome process of obtaining a client’s UDID, send clients adhoc builds to test. If they run into any bugs I often have to follow up with questions about what version of iOS they are running etc… With MetaSauce you can export a snapshot of your device’s current state with a significant level of detail. This can be emailed to any address for ease of use.

The application is broken down into various categories as shown below. You can export a single category, or dump everything to an email at once.



Tapping on a category flips over the card to reveal the relative information.




It will even show what active processes are running on the device.



Maybe the most useful piece of the application is its ability to gather the user’s UDID (Unique Device ID). This ID is restricted from an application meaning that if you try to read it from the application directly Apple will not allow the app into the store. I came up with a creative approach where the user is guided through a seamless process in which the application automatically installs a mobile configuration file that gathers the UDID and passed it back to the application to display.