Talkit is a hands-free social network that lets users share short audio clips. Instead of reading your social news feed, now you can listen to it. Your friends, your world, and the information that matters to you is now alive and audible.

Talkit hired Rocksauce Studios to build the Talkit network and I was the lead developer on the project. It was written in native Objective-C and powered by a SaaS backend which I also implemented and architected. I also implemented various JavaScript functions in the cloud to handle disseminating push notifications.



You can login to Talkit using Facebook and Twitter or you can go the more traditional route and create an account via an email address. When you create an account, not only can you choose an avatar, you can also record an audio bio for other to hear when they visit your profile.



Talkit’s home feed is where all the action is. Filter by those you follow or explore everyone’s activity. Tap the play button to hear a post. Enable auto-play and posts will play one after the other so you can hear your entire feed with a single touch. Reply to a post to open up an audio dialogue with that individual. Push notifications will let you know when they reply back. Share the posts via social media channels or repost them to your followers. You can also pull down to refresh the feed.



The record screen is used whenever you create a post or are recording a new audio greeting. It has a dynamic animation that reacts to the sound level of the audio being recorded to provide feedback to the user. The progress bar lets the user know when they are getting close to the 10 second maximum clip length. You can playback your post, re-record it, or send it out into the world.



Profiles have audio greetings instead of bios. They show how often your content has been shared and how many followers you have as well as your personal activity feed including your posts and re-posts. You can tap in deeper to review your following/follower lists, your account notifications, or you can use the robust search feature to find friends by first name, last name, location, username, or email address.



Groups is another of Talkit’s main features. You can create a group and add any number of individuals. Post so only those individuals can see. Group members get push notifications when messages are added.